by Pastor Jeff Sherk

UPDATE – September 4, 2011 – Pastor David has started a breakfast feeding program for children (mostly Muslim) in the area, and would like to add a dinner program as well. Please prayerfully consider if you can give (or give again) to this cause. Here is what Pastor David has to say: “Hi Pastor Jeff. God bless you all together with your family and every member of your ministry. Now we have stared feeding program in the church which is meant for Muslim children who live around the church and they don’t have food. It runs from Monday to Friday, only breakfast at 10am . And this is part of the money that you guys contributed. They come from very poor families and it is us who give them clothes because some of them come to our Sunday school naked. Most of them are badly malnourished. We would like to start a dinner program as well, so if you can send more money it would be greatly appreciated. Pass my sincere regards to brethren and also greet for me your wife and children. Stay blessed. David.”

UPDATE – August 17, 2011 – We have raised $1220.00 so far, which converts to 110183 Kenya Shillings, and have just sent it over via Western Union. Pastor David has this to say: “I am very much grateful and thankful for receiving this money from you. It is a big blessing to me, my wife Rosemary and the brethren, particularly during this hard time when us who are living in the region of the horn of Africa are seriously affected! Please pass my sincere thankfulness to the people who contributed and may our good God bless them according to the desire of their hearts. And we shall continue praying and thanking God for the good you guys have done to us. Stay on top blessed blessed until you are fulfilled. David.”

Shortly after my wife Anne-Marie I got married in 2004, we went to Kenya for 16 days on a missions trip. We stayed with Pastor David Matolo and his wife Rosemary and their family. Pastor David and his wife pastor a church called Love Worship Centre, which is located in the town of Garissa in the North Eastern Province of Kenya, and is part of the Redeemed Gospel Church denomination.

I received an email from Pastor David this morning, containing the following:

Pray for us as Kenyans because of the famine teeth that is biting us here, particularly in the North Eastern Province where our church is. I trust you have seen on TV how people are dying and even animals because of the serious drought. About three months ago the government declared famine a national disaster. So any contribution from well wishers there will be of great help because even our church members are affected.

If you have not heard about what’s being called the worst crisis in 60 years to hit the “Horn of Africa”, here is an article and video I found on CNN:

Financial Support page:

  The current crisis is not the first one that our friends have had to press through. They have had to deal with both human acts of violence and other natural disasters as well:
  HUMAN CAUSE – About 90% of the inhabitants of the town are refugees from Somalia, which borders Kenya to the east. The Somali refugees actively practice the Muslim faith. In 2008, the Muslim’s finished constructing a mosque next door to Love Worship Centre, and then proceeded to attack and tear down the church and threaten all the members. The local government suggested that Love Worship Centre not return to their property for safety reasons, and allowed them to hold outdoor meetings on government property.
  NATURAL CAUSE – The area is very arid, located in the Eastern part of the country close to the equator, and typically suffers from drought most of the time, but not as bad as the current situation. A flash flood in November 2006 caused many deaths and many to lose their homes, and created both sanitary and health issues for the area.

We asking for both your prayers of support and your financial support to help our friends in anyway you can.

If you are able to help financially, then please go to this page and scroll down to the Financial Support section:

And please consider forwarding this to others that you know, so they may have an opportunity to help as well.

Blessings and shalom
Pastor Jeff Sherk
Forerunner Ministries International

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