Forerunner Television Productions


Best price
  • Free Plan

  • $0.00/mo
  • No verification required


    Available for desktop & mobile


    Access to Documentaries


    Access to Interviews


    Access to Testimonies


    Access to Worship videos


    Live broadcasts of worship


Best price
  • Beginner | Intermediate

  • $30.49/mo
  • Verification required


    Available for desktop & mobile


    Access to Early Church Fathers Classes with Pastor Michael Petro


    Access to Mizvot Classes with Pastor Michael Petro


    Access to Early Church Fathers Classes with Nate Padilla and Raul Ayala



Best price
  • Advanced

  • $30.49/mo
  • Verification & approval required


    Available for desktop & mobile


    Access to Advanced Teachings with Pastor Michael Petro


    Access to Advanced Teachings on Gematria






How to purchase Beginner and Intermediate Classes with our new ForerunnerTV Channel.

  • Click the purchase button under the second tier labeled, “Beginner and Intermediate.”
  • It will then take you to our new ForerunnerTV Channel on YouTube.
  • Click Start Free Trial.
  • The first 14 days are free.
  • You must have a personal Gmail and YouTube channel to purchase a monthly account with Forerunner TV
  • Click the $30.49/month button to finish your purchase.
  • You can pay with visa, debit card, or PayPal.
  • Your credit card will be charged at the start of every billing period. For subscriptions that include a free trial, your first billing period begins at the end of your free trial period.
  • Once you have paid for the channel, you must watch the “ForerunnerTV Instructional Video for Beginner and Intermediate.
  • Please follow the directions in the video to become verified.
  • Everyone must start at this channel and do the verification process, as the advanced channel currently is still being built but will be available soon.
  • Once you are verified, you will start to be able to see the Forerunner teachings.

We are currently not streaming live.

Please check the Meetings & Events page for the next service time.