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Sid Roth had some great interviews on his last two episodes of It’s Supernatural, with Tom Horn and Cris Putnam talking about aliens and their connection with demons. This is just more confirmation of what Pastor Michael has been preaching for the last couple of years.

You can view PART 1 here:

And PART 2 here:

If you are looking for other Scriptural and Biblical based information about aliens really being demons, then I also recommend the following DVD from Ian Juby called Genesis and Aliens:

Be blessed and remember not to accept any rides from strangers in spaceships posing as Jesus!


Once again, our friends in Garissa Kenya are in need of our support and prayers. Muslim terrorists targeted two pastors in the town and shot them, leaving one dead and the other seriously injured.

Here is an email from our friend Pastor David Matalo in Kenya:

Hi everybody

I hope that you are blessed of the Lord and doing good in this second month of this year of Jubilee and I want to thank you for always being there for us as the body of Christ in Garissa whenever we have had a need.

It is another time we sincerely ask you as brethren to stand with us once again during this hard time because yesterday, February 7th 2013, two of our Pastors were shot dead in town near the Equity Bank in broad daylight at 12 noon by terorists.

One died on the spot and the other Pastor survived but is under going treatment at Agakhan Hospital in Nairobi. The Pastor who died has left behind a widow with three sons, one in grade 8 and the other two in grade 6. We transported his body to Nairobi and will do the burial on Thursday.

We therefore really need your prayers because we have gone through alot but we can’t run away from the enemy to give him victory but we are trusting God that one day things will be well!

I want to say thank you very much on my own behalf and on behalf of the Church here.

Rev David Matolo

This not the first time they have been under these types of attacks, as we have reported before, which you can read about

If you would like to contribute financially, you can do it here:

Here are some links to some news articles covering the shooting:

You can read more about Pastor David and Love Worship Centre here:

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