School of the Prophet

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If you look at what it is that we have been called into, our equipment for this war is revelation and the proper use of the Sword. Consider this school and your studies, instruments of war.
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From the introduction of the School of the Prophet, we will explore the Hidden Things that are revealed to us. We will establish a foundation of Old Testament analysis, with an in depth look at the 7 Feasts of the Lord, and continue with teachings that will start to unfold some deeper revelation and mysteries, which are all about the Messiah, Jesus (or Yeshua).

The School of the Prophet currently consists of 47 classes. Each class contains the following elements:
On-Line Video Lecture – Each class video teaching ranges from 40 minutes to over an hour, and features Prophet Michael Petro and other prophetic teachers, defining and explaining the concepts behind the individual classes of “The School of the Prophet”. NOTE: Requires a computer and high-speed internet connection to view videos.
On-Line MP3 Audio – Each teaching is also available in an audio-only MP3 format so you can take it with you. Download it for use in your MP3 player, or you can burn an Audio CD with it.
On-Line Scriptural Notes – Scripture references discussed in the video can be downloaded in either Adobe PDF format or Word DOC format.
On-Line Exams – Based on the information gained through a combination of the video and scripture, you will be tested on your new knowledge. Exams are optional but you are highly encouraged to take them.

– You will need a computer with a high-speed internet connection and a browser capabable of playing Flash video or HTML 5 video.



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$1,600 – Get full online access to all 47 classes plus 47 DVD’s.
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$225 – Block of 5 classes. Online access to 5 classes plus 5 DVD’s.
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