Introducing Forerunner Ministries Radio (FMRADIO)!


Whether you are right here in the High Desert of Southern California or across the world, you can start your morning off with the most powerful Christian talk radio on the airwaves.  We will be featuring weekday programs with Pastor Michael Petro as well as other leaders of Forerunner Ministries International.  Listen in as they open up what the Lord is releasing in this season, from all the latest world news in a refreshingly Biblical perspective to what the Early Church Fathers have to say about our day and age.


Listen over the radio at KNVU New Vision 98.7FM or stream us online through the tune in app.


Tune in every weekday morning from 6AM to 7AM PDT or catch the replays every weekday evening from 8PM to 9PM PDT.


We will also be featuring “Live Broadcasts” of the show on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, and UStream.


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Dr. Michael J. Petro is the Founder and Head Pastor of Forerunner Ministries International, based in Southern California. He is a prophetic evangelist, whom the Lord charged with trumpeting the message of “Holiness” and “Awake, the Bridegroom is coming.”


Many signs, wonders, and miracles manifest plainly at Michael’s conferences. Countless people with various diseases receive healing including cancers, mental illnesses, deafness, blindness, HIV, and paralysis to name a few. In these gatherings Yeshua reveals himself, and many believers experience heavenly visitations and even face to face encounters with our Lord. These testimonies of supernatural experiences have led to revival in various parts of the world.


Michael has also led major conferences and healing meetings in more than fifty countries, bringing the message of the power of God, the true spiritual Torah, from Hebrew foundations, a message that is indistinguishable from the teachings of the early church fathers before 325 A.D.


Michael is also the author of “Access Behind The Veil, The Coming Glory,” available on all major online repositories. Prophet Michael explains the next move of God where forerunners will take the church through the veil, an apocalypse preparing her or the worldwide outpouring of the Glory of God. The message Michael brings is simple: “Get ready the bridegroom is coming.”

Where Can I Listen to FMRADIO?

1.  FM Dial 98.7

Catch us over the air waves of the High Desert, CA. Tune in to 98.7 FM KNVU New Vision 360 between 6-7 AM and 8-9 PM PDT every week day.

2.  TuneIn App

TuneIn is a free service that allows you listen to over 100,000 radio stations all over the world and from wherever you are, and Forerunner Ministries Radio is one of them!  Click here to visit our TuneIn page or download their mobile app here for radio on the go.

3.  SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a free social sound platform for the online audio community, so get connected with FMRADIO!  You can find us at:

4.  iTunes

Stay tuned!  FMRADIO on iTunes Podcast is coming soon…

5.  Watch Online on all Social Media Platforms

Forerunner Ministries Radio will be live streaming on the following social media platforms:


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