Your Forerunner

Michael J. Petro

Founder of Forerunner Ministries International

The Founder of Forerunner Ministries International is a prophetic evangelist, whom the Lord has charged with trumpeting with a Prophetic and Apostolic message of “Holiness” and “Awake, the bridegroom is coming.” In the 1980′s he hearkened to this call, left a multi-million dollar business and began to plant churches worldwide.

About Michael...

Michael is a spiritual father, who’s raising up sons and daughters all over the world. He travels, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. For those who are awakened, the message is clear. God is calling a people to step into this Kingdom age with eyes to see and ears to hear His true prophetic/apostolic heartbeat.

Michael has traveled extensively through France, Germany, Belgium, North America, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Africa. In conferences world wide, the terminally ill have been restored to health. Many have been healed of various types of diseases including: cancers, mental illnesses, deafness, blindness, Schizophrenia, HIV and paralysis. In numerous meetings, awesome signs and wonders have appeared. Gold and silver flakes, diamonds, as well as golden oil have appeared on people. Some have received gold teeth and financial miracles. Many have experienced restoration in family relationships and most importantly hundreds of thousands of salvations. The truth, truly sets us free!


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