One of the biggest considerations in Christianity should be: What is Christ?  Not what Yahoshua was, because we know He was the Son of God, He was born of a virgin, He came to preach the gospel and teach Jews and Gentiles how to walk according to the spiritual Word of God.  But what I’m asking is: What does the word “Christ” mean? and Where did it come from?

If you do a brief study, you can easily see that it came from the word “Messiah” or in Hebrew: “Mashiach.”  Well what does that mean?  “Mashiach” or “anointed” are terms used throughout the entire Old Testament to designate a person receiving a baptism of the Spirit of God.

One of the first instances of being anointed in the Old Testament is the anointing of Aaron and the priesthood.  If you understand this process of Aaron the high priest being anointed, then you will be able to understand what Yeshua was doing when He came.  The prophet Isaiah spoke of how Yeshua was anointed to preach the gospel, and the Spirit of the Lord rested upon Him [Isaiah 61:1].  So there is a connection of the Spirit of God with the anointed ones and the ability to preach the gospel to the poor, the sick, and the captives.

A very beautiful picture can be seen when we go back to Aaron.  He was anointed with oil, a representation of the Spirit being poured over him to be able to offer the sacrifices of the people to God.  He was taking on the role of Messiah on the earth by interceding for man with God.  This is the same picture of what Yeshua came to do for us.  He was anointed with the Spirit to come, carry our sin, and make intercession for our sins before the Father.  The entire priesthood foreshadowed this process; the anointings, the slaying of lambs, and the carrying of the ark are all pieces and parts of the greater prophetic picture that Yeshua was carrying out.

Now a big problem happens with this concept in the New Testament, because we have established that the anointing is portrayed as the Spirit of God and that it is expressed symbolically as oil.  When we get to the story of the five foolish and five wish virgins, they also have oil.  Well what does this mean?  If they were missing something in their lamps and that’s what kept them from going through the door of marriage to the King of Glory, then it would be an important function to know in the ministry of Christ, right?  In the Constitution of the Apostles it is said, “as the oil of piety was deficient in the five foolish virgins (Mat_25:1-46) mentioned in the Gospel, when they, on account of their having extinguished their lamps of divine knowledge, were shut out of the bride-chamber.”  This means that this Anointing, the Holy Spirit of God, comes to impart into us His nature and His understanding of the Son of God and ultimately of the Father.

When we begin to further define the meaning of the word “Christ” according to the traditions of the earliest church, we begin to see what was really happening to Aaron, to the priesthood, and to our Beloved when he was anointed with the Spirit to preach the gospel.  He was given divine knowledge from eternity Himself, who is the Father, so that He can give to His children: the poor, the orphans the widows.  Every one of these classes is a category of when we came to the Lord, and His function on the earth was to give the poor spiritual currency, the widows a husband, and the orphans a father.  That entire process comes through the Spirit, the anointing, the teacher of the divine knowledge of Christ.  When we define one term in scripture, it allows us to further understand other scriptures.  Now we can go through Scripture with this key and begin to unlock what was happening to Adam when God breathed into him, what was happening to Aaron, to the kings, and to the prophets.  God was imparting His divine knowledge and wisdom, which ultimately is a revelation of Himself, not some ridiculous religious knowledge to make you seem elated over everyone else.  It was a beautiful impartation of His true nature, which causes a transformation of the heart, the mind and the action.  This is the power of creation being placed within the body of a mortal man, lifting him up to a place where he can know and experience truth himself, The Christ.