"But from the fact that truth appertains not to all, it is veiled in manifold ways, causing the light to arise only on those who are initiated into knowledge, who seek the truth through love. The proverb, according to the Barbarian philosophy, is called a mode of prophecy, and the parable is so called, and the enigma in addition."Clement
Stromata Bk. 6 Ch. XV, Vol. 2

"What, then, does it say in reference to the good land, flowing with milk and honey? Blessed be our Lord, brethren, who has put into our hearts wisdom, and the understanding of His secrets. For the prophet says, “Who shall understand the Lord’s parable but the wise and understanding, and he that loves his Lord?” It is but for few to comprehend these things. For it is not in the way of envy that the Lord announced in a Gospel, “My mystery is to me, and to the sons of my house;”Clement
Stromata BK. 5 Ch. X, Vol. 2

Who then among you is noble-minded? who compassionate? who full of love? Let him declare, “If on my account sedition and disagreement and schisms have arisen, I will depart, I will go away whithersoever ye desire, and I will do whatever the majority commands; only let the flock of Christ live on terms of peace with the presbyters set over it.” He that acts thus shall procure to himself great glory in the Lord; and every place will welcome him.St. Clement (Disciple of Peter)
Epistle to the Corinthians Ch. LIV, Vol. 1

He therefore did not throw blame upon that law which was given by Moses, when He exhorted it to be observed, Jerusalem being as yet in safety; but He did throw blame upon those persons, because they repeated indeed the words of the law, yet were without love. And for this reason, were they held as being unrighteous as respects God, and as respects their neighbors.Irenaeus
Against Heresies Bk. 4 Ch. XII, Vol. 1

To the point the Apostle Paul speaks, “If I give my body, and have not love, I am sounding brass, and a tinkling cymbal.” (1Co_13:1, 1Co_13:3) If it is not from a disposition determined by gnostic love that I shall testify, he means; but if through fear and expected reward, moving my lips in order to testify to the Lord that I shall confess the Lord, I am a common man, sounding the Lord’s name, not knowing Him. “For there is the people that loveth with the lips; and there is another which gives the body ,to be burned.” “And if I give all my goods in alms,” he says, not according to the principle of loving communication, but on account of recompense, either from him who has received the benefit, or the Lord who has promised; “and if I have all faith so as to remove mountains,” and cast away obscuring passions, and be not faithful to the Lord from love, “I am nothing,” as in comparison of him who testifies as a Gnostic, and the crowd, and being reckoned nothing better.Clement
Stromata Book 4 Ch. XVIII, Vol. 2

"David sings: “For, lo, thou hast loved truth; the obscure and hidden things of wisdom hast Thou showed me.” (Psa_51:6, LXX) “Day utters speech today” (Psa_19:2, Psa_19:3) (what is clearly written), “and night to night proclaims knowledge” (which is hidden in a mystic veil); “and there are no words or utterances whose voices shall not be heard” by God, who said, “Shall one do what is secret, and I shall not see him?”Clement
Stromata BK. 5 Ch. X, Vol. 2

Thou shalt not hate any man; but some thou shalt reprove, and concerning some thou shalt pray, and some thou shalt love more than thy own life.Didache
Teaching of the Twelve Apostles Ch. II, Vol. 7

And the Lord said unto him, “I have spoken to thee once and again, saying, I have seen this people, and, behold, it is a stiff-necked people: let Me destroy them, and blot out their name from under heaven; and I will make thee a great and wonderful nation, and one much more numerous than this.” (Exo_32:9, etc.) But Moses said, “Far be it from Thee, Lord: pardon the sin of this people; else blot me also out of the book of the living.” (Exo_32:32) O marvelous love! O insuperable perfection! The servant speaks freely to his Lord, and asks forgiveness for the people, or begs that he himself might perish along with them.St. Clement (Disciple of Peter)
Epistle to the Corinthians Ch. LIII, Vol. 1

The soul loves the flesh that hates it, and [loves also] the members; Christians likewise love those that hate them. The soul is imprisoned in the body, yet preserves that very body; and Christians are confined in the world as in a prison, and yet they are the preservers of the world.Mathetes (Disciple of Paul)
Letter to Diognetus Ch. VI, Vol. 1

By love, then, the commands not to commit adultery, and not to covet one’s neighbor’s wife, are fulfilled, [these sins being] formerly prohibited by fear.Clement
Stromata Book 4 Ch. XVIII, Vol. 2

“God,” then, being good, “is love,” it is said. (1Jo_4:8, 1Jo_4:16) Whose “love worketh no ill to his neighbor,” (Rom_13:10) neither injuring nor revenging ever, but, in a word, doing good to all according to the image of God. “Love is,” then, “the fulfilling of the law;” (Rom_13:10) like as Christ, that is the presence of the Lord who loves us; and our loving teaching of, and discipline according to Christ. By love, then, the commands not to commit adultery, and not to covet one’s neighbor’s wife, are fulfilled, [these sins being] formerly prohibited by fear. The same work, then, presents a difference, according as it is done by fear, or accomplished by love, and is wrought by faith or by knowledge. Rightly, therefore, their rewards are different. To the Gnostic “are prepared what eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath entered into the heart of man;” but to him who has exercised simple faith He testifies a hundredfold in return for what he has left, - a promise which has turned out to fall within human comprehension.Clement
Stromata Bk. 4 Ch. XVIII, Vol.2