"Blessed, then, are ye who are God-bearers, spirit-bearers, temple-bearers, bearers of holiness, adorned in all respects with the commandments of Jesus Christ, being “a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people,” (1Pe_2:9) on whose account I rejoice exceedingly, and have had the privilege, by this Epistle, of conversing with “the saints which are at Ephesus, the faithful in Christ Jesus.” (Eph_1:1)"Ignatius (Disciple of Apostle John)
(Disciple of Apostle John)- Epistle to the Ephesians Ch. IX, Vol. 1

"For David had been appointed a priest by God, although Saul persecuted him. For all the righteous possess the priestly rank. And all the apostles of the Lord are priests, who do inherit here neither lands nor houses, but serve God and the altar continually. Of whom Moses also says in Deuteronomy, when blessing Levi, “Who said unto his father and to his mother, I have not known thee; neither did he acknowledge his brethren, and he disinherited his own sons: he kept Thy commandments, and observed Thy covenant.” (Deu_33:9) But who are they that have left father and mother, and have said adieu to all their neighbors, on account of the word of God and His covenant, unless the disciples of the Lord? Of whom again Moses says, “They shall have no inheritance, for the Lord Himself is their inheritance.” (Num_18:20)"Iranaeus
Against Heresies Bk. 4 Ch. VIII, Vol. 1

"The priests indeed, and the ministers of the word, are good; but the High Priest is better, to whom the holy of holies has been committed, and who alone has been entrusted with the secrets of God."Ignatius (Disciple of Apostle John)
Epistle to the Philippians Ch. IX, Vol I

"The tenfold number signifies the decalogue, and the hundredfold sets forth the crown of virginity: for he who shall have kept the undertaking of virginity completely, and shall have faithfully fulfilled the precepts of the decalogue, and shall have destroyed the untrained nature or impure thoughts within the retirement of the heart, that they may not rule over him, this is the true priest of Christ,"Victorinus
On the Apocalypse of John Pt. 2 Vol. 7

"For this is the spiritual victim (1Pe_2:5) which has abolished the pristine sacrifices. “To what purpose,” saith He, “ (bring ye) me the multitude of your sacrifices? I am full of holocausts of rams, and I desire not the fat of rams, and the blood of bulls and of goats. For who hath required these from your hands?” (Isaiah 1:11, LXX) What, then, God has required the Gospel teaches. “An hour will come,” saith He, “when the true adorers shall adore the Father in spirit and truth. For God is a Spirit, and accordingly requires His adorers to be such.” (Joh_4:23-24) We are the true adorers and the true priests, who, praying in spirit, (1Co_14:15; Eph_6:18) sacrifice, in spirit, prayer, - a victim (sacrifice) proper and acceptable to God"Tertullian
On Prayer Ch. XXVIII, Vol. 3

"Even so we, who through the name of Jesus have believed as one man in God the Maker of all, have been stripped, through the name of His first-begotten Son, of the filthy garments, i.e., of our sins; and being vehemently inflamed by the word of His calling, we are the true high priestly race of God, as even God Himself bears witness, saying that in every place among the Gentiles sacrifices are presented to Him well-pleasing and pure. Now God receives sacrifices from no one, except through His priests. ([Isa_66:21; Rom_15:15-17 (Greek); 1Pe_2:9.])"Justin Martyr
Dialogue with Trypho Ch. CXVI, Vol. 1

"Now, in the preceding book I have shown that all the disciples of the Lord are Levites and priests, they who used in the temple to profane the Sabbath, but are blameless. (Mat_12:5) Promises of such a nature, therefore, do indicate in the clearest manner the feasting of that creation in the kingdom of the righteous, which God promises that He will Himself serve."Iranaeus
Against Heresies Bk. 5 Ch. XXXIV, Vol. 1