"For that a sinner ought to be ashamed for his own sin, that oracle of God delivered to Moses concerning Miriam is a sufficient proof, when he prayed that she might be forgiven. For says God to him: “If her father had spit in her face, should she not be ashamed? Let her be shut out of the camp seven days, and afterwards let her come in again.” (Num_12:14. — R.) We therefore ought to do so with offenders, when they profess their repentance, — namely, to separate them some determinate time, according to the proportion of their offence, and afterwards, like fathers to children, receive them again upon their repentance."Constitution of the Apostles
Bk. 2 Pt. 1 Ch. XVI, Vol. 7

“True repentance means to be no longer bound in the same sins for which He denounced death against Himself. Rather it is to eradicate them completely from the soul. For on their extirpation, God takes up His abode again in you.”Clement
Who is the Rich Man Ch. XXXIX, Vol. 2

“These are the ones who have now heard my commandments, and repented with their whole hearts. When the Lord saw that their repentance was good and pure, and that they were able to remain in it, He ordered their former sins to be blotted out.”Hermas
The Shepherd Bk. 3 Pt. 2 Ch. XXXIII, Vol. 2

"“But I, the angel of repentance, say to you Fear not the devil; for I was sent,” says he, “to be with you who repent with all your heart, and to make you strong in faith. Trust God, then, ye who on account of your sins have despaired of life, and who add to your sins and weigh down your life; for if ye return to the Lord with all your heart, and practice righteousness the rest of your days, and serve Him according to His will, He will heal your former sins, and you will have power to hold sway over the works of the devil. But as to the threats of the devil, fear them not at all, for he is powerless as the sinews of a dead man."Hermas
The Shepherd Bk. 2 Pt. 2 Ch. III, Vol. 2

“Repentance erases every sin when there is no delay after the fall of the soul. It erases every sin when the disease is not allowed to go on for an extended time. For then evil will not have power to leave its mark on us.”Methodius
Fragments Ch. II, Vol. 6

“He then, who from among the Gentiles and from that old life has come to faith has obtained forgiveness of sine once. But he who has sinned after this should fear, even though he may obtain pardon because of his repentance, for he is as one no longer washed to the forgiveness of sins. The frequent asking of often transgress is only the imitation of repentance. It is not repentance itself.”Clement
Stromata Bk.2 Ch. XIII, Vol. 2

"Noah preached repentance, and as many as listened to him were saved. (Gen_7:1-24; 1Pe_3:20; 2Pe_2:5) Jonah proclaimed destruction to the Ninevites; (Jon_3:1-10) but they, repenting of their sins, propitiated God by prayer, and obtained salvation, although they were aliens [to the covenant] of God."St. Clement (Disciple of Apostle Peter)
Corinthians Ch. VII, Vol. 1

"For repentance is great wisdom. For he who has sinned understands that he acted wickedly in the sight of the Lord, and remembers the actions he has done, and he repents, and no longer acts wickedly, but does good munificently, and humbles and torments his soul because he has sinned. You see, therefore, that repentance is great wisdom."Hermas
The Shepherd Bk. 2 Pt. 1 Ch. II, Vol. 2