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Mitzvot Work Book (8.5×11)


Mitzvot Work Books available for order!  Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.  


Mitzvot are the “divine commandments” given by Yahweh to His children.  Although the term mitzvot is also used to describe the well-known “Ten Commandments,” there actually exist 613 mitzvot!  Each mitzvah, as with the rest of scripture, can be interpreted on various levels.  Understanding the different levels of interpretation from the Hebraic mindset is a key to unveiling the hidden and deeper meaning of the mitzvot.  These commandments from Yahweh may seem unattainable if interpreted literally, especially if we try to literally fulfill all 613 at the same time.  However, if we push beyond the natural interpretation and recognize the symbolism contained within scripture, we find that the mitzvot actually all point to a common motif of restoration, which is the ultimate goal of our Savior.


While this workbook is not meant to provide the ultimate and most detailed interpretation and explanation of each mitzvot, it does unveil a deeper layer of interpretation.  Throughout this workbook, the traditional Judaism interpretation of each mitzvah (commonly understood among the rabbinical community) is followed by a deeper, symbolic interpretation.  But this is just a starting point!  You, the searcher of truth, are encouraged to continue digging deeper.  Just as Isaac reopened the wells that his father Abraham had previously dug (Genesis 26:18), let us continue opening the wonderful mysteries of Yah to bring out the living waters of revelation and restoration.  Let us open the wells of water that contain the deeper interpretation of the mitzvot and recognize His divine plan of transformation and restoration through these 613 Commandments!

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Use this 8.5″ x 11″ work book to help unveil the deeper meanings of the 613 Commandments.

Also available in a 6″ x 9″ size.

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